Liraz's show in FIP at Transmusicales 2019

January 01, 2020

Check the video recording of Liraz's performance on Trans Musicales 2019 in FIP studios.

Zan Bezan by Liraz - a new video

January 01, 2020

'Zan Bezan' translated to 'Women, Sing' is an invitation to join Liraz's private revolution of song and dance, calling on women in the Middle East and around the globe to build on the positive language of female freedoms. Watch the video clip created by Mu Tunc.

Made in Amharica - a short documentary about the making of the EP

July 28, 2019

Check out how the video about making the "Made in Amharica" EP by Gili Yalo. Learn how musicians from different backgrounds worked and how the EP was developed. The new EP of Gili Yalo was created with the amazing Niles City Sound Studio. Ethiopian groove meets American vibe. 

The video by Gunnar Weber (Bear Film).

"Made in Amharica" by Gili Yalo - it is here!

July 11, 2019

The new EP from Gili Yalo  - Made in Amharica, recorded in Niles City Sound in Texas is here. Released on vinyl, CD and digital. Check the unique sound of modern Ethiopian vibes combined with American groove. The EP was recorded in high end analog studio, by Grammy Award winners - Niles City Sound.

Music without borders! 

Gili Yalo's concert on the most exciting summer Festivals

May 31, 2019

Gili Yalo's summer is packed with shows on the most vibrant and important music festivals in the World. We are so proud of Gili. Respekt Festival, Womad, La Plage Glazart, Sziget, Sukiyaki, World Beat Festival and more.

Check his full summer schedule.

Made In Amharica, la comète ethiorock de Gili Yalo - a review of Made in Amharica by Gili Yalo

May 28, 2019

Gili Yalo's latest EP "Made in Amharica" got a review in - the magazine for African Cultures.

Gili Yalo's "Made in Amharica" on international radio stations

May 28, 2019

After just a week from official release of Gili Yalo's "Made in Amharica" EP, all 4 songs from the release have been played all around in the world. The originality and strong, fresh sound of the music from Gili Yalo has been spotted by several globally important radio stations including Radio Gladys Palmera, BBC 6 Music, France Inter and many more.

Liraz in France24

January 01, 2020

French television focused on Liraz's artistic path and her album "Naz" in A LA Carte program. 

Gili Yalo at KEXP

November 14, 2018

Check Gili Yalo's session at legendary KEXP radio station. 

Liraz in ARD Studio Tel Aviv

January 01, 2020

Read the interview with Liraz in ARD Studio for Israel / Palestine.

Liraz featured in Deutschlandfunk Kultur

December 31, 2019

Liraz was interviewed by Tim Aßmann from Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

Liraz's "Naz" album reviewed in Les Oreilles Curieuses

January 01, 2020

Au milieu des labels spécialisés dans la sono mondiale comme Heavenly Sweetness, Brownswood, Buda Musique ou encore Wonderwheel Recordings, on peut également citer Dead Sea Recordings qui est pour le moins bien calé. Il s’agit du même label qui a révélé le nouvel espoir de la scène de Tel-Aviv Gili Yao l’année dernière (chroniqué ici) et qui révèle aussi la jeune Liraz qui est prête à prendre d’assaut la scène musicale avec son premier album Naz.

Liraz's latest album reviewed in Causette France

October 28, 2018

The newest edition of the Cassette magazine pays attention to the latest album of Liraz. 

Radio Nova fell in love with Liraz's "Naz" album!

September 30, 2018

"Puisant son inspiration chez les icônes féminines de la musique iranienne, la chanteuse et actrice israélienne Liraz mêle arrangements traditionnels persans et sonorités contemporaines sur son premier album Naz, à paraître en octobre."

Songlines' review of "Naz" album

January 01, 2020

"The success of "Naz" lies in fusing two different styles - contemporary beats and Farsi singinig, without tainting either"

New video of Liraz by Nadav Direktor

July 05, 2018

The major reference of the "Nozi Nozi" video are late 70s TV video clips of female singers from the Middle East - with mesmerizing landscapes and picturesque sites as visual background for an alluring singer. The lyrics refer to a role model of female in Iranian society and the idea of noz - an Iranian archetype of a sweetly-smiling wife. The video directed by Nadav Direktor is a visual remix of oldschool TV footage, Liraz's memmories of Iran, surreal symbols of feminism and orientalism.

"Nozi Nozi" of Liraz featured in Greedy For Best Music magazine

August 05, 2018

"To label her up-and-coming would not be doing her prolific career justice: Liraz Charhi, alias Liraz, was born into a family that was all about 'the arts' and grew up surrounded by classical Persian music."

Nozi Nozi by Liraz selected to Bandcamp Weekly

July 23, 2018

Liraz's single -"Nozi Nozi" was selected to the latest Bandcamp Weekly - a show hosted by Andrew Jervis shining a light on exclusives, previews, recent faves, classics, and obscurities from around the world.

Songlines - Top of the World - Gili Yalo

February 13, 2018

"Gili Yalo’s love of singing came about through hardship. As a ve-year-old, he escaped the Ethiopian famine on foot. Music made the journey more bearable. Eventually settling in Tel Aviv, Yalo surrounded himself with funk, soul and dub. On this debut album, all those sounds come together with a large helping of Ethiopian groove."

Der Mann aus einer anderen Welt

October 09, 2017

"Der Musiker Gili Yalo ist Israeli mit afrikanischen Wurzeln und hat sich nach Jahren als Reggae-Sänger und Backgroundmusiker als Künstler selbst entdeckt – und für seine Hörer den Funk des Swinging Ethiopia."


December 03, 2019

"Arrivé en Israël à l’âge de 5 ans avec ses parents juifs éthiopiens, le chanteur a su renouer avec sa langue maternelle et la musique de ses aînés pour prêcher une meilleure visibilité des réfugiés de la Corne de l’Afrique. Il présente son premier album d’éthio-jazz aux Transmusicales de Rennes."

NOVA: L’Éthiopie, Israël, Gili Yalo

December 11, 2019

"In the 1980s, thousands of Ethiopians fleeing famine crossed the Sudanese desert before being evacuated to Israel during Operation Moses. This episode of history is at the origin of a large Ethiopian community in Tel Aviv: among them, the singer Gili Halo, who offers us today an eponymous first album linking the country of adoption and land original. Surrounded by musicians emblematic of the current scene of Tel-Aviv (one crosses besides the singer of the Buttering Trio, whose magnetic "Love In Music" appears on our Haute Music II box set), Gili Yalo oscillates between ethio-jazz, funk and Anglo-Saxon soul, in three languages ​​(Hebrew, English, Amharic). "Selam" (which means "peace" in Amharic) is a tribute to Ethiopia and its birthplace, which he revisits in a moving clip: you could also hear it live Monday in Plus near You. "

CLASH UK: Gili Yalo - Selam

September 24, 2017

"Gili Yalo knows the power of music.

As a young child, he was part of the Ethiopian Jewish community evacuated from Sudan during a devastating famine, pushed into making a perilous journey to Israel.

Singing to keep their spirits up, he saw how music could have a real impact on people's spirits, their mood, and their lives."

September 20, 2017

An article from France about Gili Yalo's first single release Selam! 

"L'éthiopien Gili Yalo, maintenant installé à Tel Aviv dans la bande des Buttering Trio ou Raw Tapes, sort le clip de son premier single Selam, réalisé par Guy Bolandi. Il y fait danser les enfants et les habitants de son village en Ethiopie, et risque également de vous faire vous dandiner devant votre ordinateur. Avec un son moderne à la croisée des genre, à la fois ethio-funk, fusion, et jazz, Gili Yalo débarque en France.Il sera pour la première fois aux Trans Musicales de Rennes en décembre prochain. Son album est prévu pour le 24 novembre. "

Ethiopia Online. Premiere: Gili Yalo - 'Selam'

September 25, 2017

"Gili Yalo knows the power of music.

As a young child, he was part of the Ethiopian Jewish community evacuated from Sudan during a devastating famine, pushed into making a perilous journey to Israel.

Singing to keep their spirits up, he saw how music could have a real impact on people’s spirits, their mood, and their lives.

It’s something that has never left him. Now working from a base in Tel Aviv,  Gili’s mixture of Ethiopian funk with jazz, soul, and a whole lot more is imbued with an inspirational spirit. "

Soul Guru: German article on Gili Yalo

September 24, 2017

" SELAM  ist die erste Singleauskopplung aus dem Debütalbum von Gili Yalo aus Tel Aviv, das am 24. November erscheint.

In seinem neuen Projekt verbindet er seine äthiopischen Wurzeln mit Soul, Funk, Psychedelica und Jazz. Das Ergebnis ist außergewöhnlich: ein großer Schatz an betörenden Melodien, unterstützt von Gilis einzigartiger Stimme, mit Texten auf Englisch und Amharisch. "

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