Dead Sea Recordings is a record label based in Tel Aviv, bringing fresh music to the lime light. DSR is intrigued by latest and innovative soundscape based on authentic music combined with up to date production.  


Dead Sea Recordings' goal is to discover, create and release new musical projects of local musicians and forward looking bands. The aim of the label is to bring vintage and modern sounds together - locally and internationally.


Dead Sea Recordings already launched 2 singles and 1 LP of Gili Yalo - an Israeli musician of Ethiopian roots. All of the releases got noticed by international audience and recognised worldwide. Innovative and far-out production meets with the most chic and hip version of Ethiopian music. Gili Yalo reinterprets his heritage through groovy beats, jazz and funk. 


We are enthusiastic to release the latest album of Liraz - a singer, songwriter and actress of Persian descent. Appealing mixture of beats with Iranian influences of the 1970’s translates into Liraz's desire to integrate her family's history with her own. The forthcoming album soon to be released on DSR moves between exotic sounds that are upgraded by fresh beats. Official release date - 19th October 2018. 


Another awaited release of Dead Sea Recordings is a ​recording of common project of Boom Pam & Selda Bağcan - a collaboration that has turned the psychedelic music of the 70's in Turkey to a new contemporary sound. Boom Pam is a Tel Aviv based band that formed in 2003. They play a mix of mediterranean rock and surf music. In 2014 they started their collaboration with the biggest female artist of psychedelic music scene of Turkey from 70s. 


DSR is excited to present these new and innovative artists and projects, which will be released in both physical and digital (Vinyl & CD) formats. 

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