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    "Tai Biao" forward all the way towards the sun

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    As theproduction capacity ofthe western region of China,the strongest,the largest production scale,the automation level ofthe highestsolarwater heaterproduction basewith an annual output of 1000000sets of solar water heatersand 20000000vacuum tube,YuxiYunnan taibiaoSolar Groupideal intopractice,putting faithinto power,let the sunto change life.Futureorientedenterprises,sostandardsolar grouptoward the sunall the way forward,with the wisdomto gathersunlight,warmwith the truthspread,withactionto meet the challenge,in thegreat journey ofthe human pursuitof new energy sources,to achieve toostandardsolartransformation developmentdream.

    "Only when theenterprise,industry,personaldreamdreamdreamperfectwoven together,have reason tosay thateach of ustoactively practice thegreatChinesedream"--this istheGroup Chairman Zhang Yonglinreinsspeech.

    Be enthusiastic and press onthe transformation,seeknew

    Zhang Yonglin isa dare todream,the dreamisdiligent,the courage todreamof people.The last centurysince the 70's,inthe process ofurban and ruralconstruction,urban and ruralresidents' demand forthe rapidgrowth ofthe bathing hot water,solar water heaters have becomean important way toimprovethe quality of life of thepeople.At that time,Yuxi solar water heaterproducts in short supply,sellersneed to queue up toget the goods.In 1996,TaiMountainStandard partsfactory directorZhang Yonglin is keen toseeitinarare development opportunity,against all thedifferent,decided to changethe transformation,to enter the solar industry,began hisdreams,somarkwas bornand grew up fast.

    17 years of harddevelopment,17 years ofunremitting efforts,17 years offighting,17 years of continuous innovation.Somarkof Yunnan carryingpeople to dream,fromthe production of screwsof a 40 much peopleworkshops,developed intosolar water heater productionbase in the westernregion's largest,among the nationalsolarindustry leaderbrand.Tapping on theproduction of 50000 sets ofsolar water heaterto 300000 setsfrom manualtoautomated production lines,1000000 sets,to achieve annual output value 2000000000 yuan,tax 150000000 yuan,likea runawayhorsetoostandardintothe country and even the world,with their ownfootprints verifyYunnansolarindustryacross the development ofmagic.

    Innovation,turning crises into opportunitiesto promote development

    The winter of 1999Yuxi encounteredhitherto unknownfrostattack,flat plate solar water heaterpartsfreezedamageis very serious,sothe standardproduction for amonth,go all out,free of charge to the customerreplacementfrozencomponents,with high quality serviceto winthe trust of customers.Zhang Yonglin said,"only the bowproduction,did not look at theroad,and it ignores thecrisis",when the crisiscomes totoostandardand even the entiresolar water heater productionindustry,in order to allow enterprisesto truly feel thenaturalenvironmental challengesand market competitionchallengesthe samecruel.

    In 2000,somarkput forward "development conceptof innovation of science and technology ofthe development is the hard truth",followed by the development of the industrytrend,committed to thethermalefficiency,mainly to independent research and development,productionand technicalcooperationin various forms,the annualsales of up to4% of R & Dfunds,set up R & D team,the implementation ofschool enterprise cooperationstrategy,research and developmentwiththe application of new technologies,new processes,new materials,new products,to improveproduct quality.In April 23, 2012,somarkan annual output of 1000000 sets ofsolar water heater and20000000vacuum tubeprojects completed and put into production,the ship Yunnansolar energy industry toshipto another station to thestarting pointof the development of the industry,the head ofsailingin the country's southweston the earth.

    Turn around,servicehomestablefoundation

    YunnanProvinceas thefirstlarge areapopularizationof solar productsin the country,solar energyhas already entered thecitypeople,butthe vast ruralunderstanding ofsolar energyis still relatively low.Zhang Yonglin said: "as a Yunnanlocal enterprises,why don't you putthe enterprisetargetingYunnan,put inthe grassroots,to do socan not onlyin the expansion ofsales at the same time,and allow people to improve thequality of life,and gradually developenergy-saving,ecology,environmental protectionhabits."Sothe standard "dothe people of his hometownof solar energy" conceptcame into being,the companyfocus onproduct promotionin thetownship,the foundationis committed toplayingsolid developmentfor the grass-rootspeoplein the service.

    Sostandardinquality improvement andbrand creationprocess,adhere to theresearch and development of new products,the introduction of advanced equipment,sales channelsto expand thethree pronged,to brand as the supportserviceoutlets continued topush awayto Yunnan province.As early as 2006toostandardin Yunnanhad more than300service outlets,the realization of the 126countiesin 16 states,covering the wholeof Yunnan province;2008dealersachieverelatively stablemature stage,service network coveringmore than 700 townsin Yunnan Province,break 1300.

    In the 2009-2012years ofhome appliances to the countryside,solabeledwith stable quality,reliable products,quality services,product sales andsalesrose sharply,obtainedthe power of developmentin the party'sHuiminpolicy,inother domesticset upmore than 300marketingservice network,to establishbranches inthe ASEAN region,Laos,Vietnam etc.countries,for the fulloccupation of the Yunnan market,radiationoutside themarket,expand foreign marketshas played a key role,has become the mostconspicuous and eye-catchingasa rainbowregional solar energyindustry,aset is tooR & D,manufacturing and sales ofsolar energygroup initially formed.

    Thanksgiving,the auraresponsibility

    Solar energy is ahuge potential forrenewable energy,is invisible,green energy,sustainable use.The huge success ofat the same time in theenterprise management,sostandardteam put forward "forenvironmental protectionthing,Li Guobusiness developmentmission ofthe people's livelihood",emphasizingthe development of enterprisesand economicsocial developmentprogress andthe improvement of people's living standardsimprovetogether,and constantly improvethe corporate realmand grade,Akira

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